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Sold out

Two double , double Revents in excellent condition! No racks are included with the two ovens

2-Model 603 Revent double

Revent Oven
Model 603 Gas fired double , double.

History on ovens:

Purchased in 1999

Installed IN 2000

Volts Phase HZ Circulating Fan FLA/HP Rack Drive FLA/HP Circuit Ampacity
208 3 60 16.5/5.5 1.1/0.25 23

  Model 603
  Max Capacity in Tray/Pan Size
4 single racks
750 x 500 mm
(20" x 30")
  Max Heat Capacity
Oil/gas Models
163 kW
(560,000 BTU)
  Max Heat Capacity
120 kW
  pdf brochure
  pdf installation drawing

Maximum Rating of Over current Protective Device Ampacity
Model No
. 603 GC G             Input 556.000
0332.085 1299                        Natural Gas (design gas pressure)

Clearances To Combustibles: May be installed in an alove at Clearances not less than:
Floor: noncombustible               Top of Hood: Zero
Sides: Zero                                Back: Zero

Windows: See Installation Instructions for special clearances.

The 603 oven is engineered for optimal bottom heat to provide superior oven-jump and maximum lift.  Featuring Revent baking technology systems:
Revent TCC System
(Total Convection Control)
      Revent HVS System
(High Volume Steam)
      Revent LID System
(Layered Insulation Design)
Available in Gas Model.  Max. Tray size: up to 4 single racks 750 x 500 mm

Revent TCC Systems:
Unique airflow system is factory adjusted for perfectly even heat transfer throughout the baking chamber.  The TCC system provides a high volume, low velocity upward airflow for bottom heat and even baking without dehydration. 

Revent HVS System:
Unique steam system offers greatest surface area for steam generation.  High mass for maximum heat retention.  Gelatinization optimized for crust formation.

Revent LID System:
Overlapping layers of high density mineral wool insulation offer excellent insulation and stability.

Heat Exchanger features:
      Tubular array for optimal thermal efficiency.
      Front-mounted removable design provides easy access.
      High thermal efficiency.
      4 different steel materials corresponding to temperature values in the heat exchanger.

Other features include:
      Zero inch clearance (fire code rating) back and side walls.
      Low ramp and platform height provides easy rack access and gentle handling of fragile products.
      Full length window with fluorescent light provides clear visibility.

Technical information
      Maximum Heat Capacity:  163 kW
      Temperature range: 50-300 degrees Celsius equal to 636 degrees Fahrenheit
      Total shipping weight: 3360 kgs*
      Minimum intake opening:
1220 x 2380mm
(standard 3 section delivery)
      Minimum section tilt up height:
      Swing diameter: 1950mm
Installation requirements: The oven must be installed on a level, non-combustible floor.  The oven may be installed flush against any wall-only the front and top need to be left open for access.  The space on top of the oven must be  well ventilated and the temperature must not exceed 500 degrees Celsius.  This is to avoid damage to electrical components.

Standard features
      Revent TCC System
      Revent HVS System
      Revent LID System
      Revent High Efficiency Heat Exchanger
      Revent Wedge Installation System
      Stainless Steel Design
      Digital Control Panel
      Automatic Steam Control

Utility Requirements
      Water Supply: G o 4,5kg/cm2 (450 kPa)
      Over Pressure Duct o 160mm
(right rear corner of oven chamber)
      Oven Damper Exhaust: o 136
(right rear corner of oven chamber)
      Smoke Exhaust: o 250 mm
      Canopy Port: o 300 mm
      Drain: 1 connection
(optional connection to front or rear)
      Electrical: available in most 3-phase voltages
      Computer Control Stores 500 programs with programmable temp, fan, baking time, steam and damper settings
      Automatic damper control
      Prison Package, Soft Start and Food Service Package, check with factory